Light Play™, one of the most challenging memory games out there!

Test Your Skills

Think you have good memory skills? Prove it! Play through 10 challenging boards and expand Light Play to a mind-blowing 66 boards through in-app purchases! Also play through 8 holiday boards. You can edit the light set and speed to customize difficulty.

Improve Your Memory

Light Play was created not only as an enjoyable game for children and adults, but also to help those with learning disabilities, dementia and other cognitive issues improve their memory. Memory games like Light Play are known to improve recall skills and are an enjoyable way to improve those brain cells for all ages.

Play Against Others

Play by yourself, a random opponent, or invite Facebook friends to a challenging game of Light Play on your iPhone.

Watch Our Crowdfunding Video

Reward Tiers and Plans

We are running a Crowdfunding campaign this Spring 2020 to raise funds for both front end and back end programming/advertising, language translation (localization), to make Light Play for iPhone/iPad and Android Phone/Tablet. Everyone I show Light Play to loves the game and wants it on multiple devices. We will be sending out more details soon.

Light Play was originally made for my Grandmother, and has evolved to an enjoyable game made for everyday children to adults. It can also be a useful tool for students with Learning Disabilities, Asperger syndrome, Down syndrome, Mental Disabilities to seniors to help slow the progression of memory loss and forgetfulness. Memory games are known to help manage forgetfulness and strengthen the brain. I made Light Play in the hopes it will stunt the onslaught of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. I hope that Light Play will help keep your mind sharp!

We are seeking aid by the social media community to help get our game off the ground. We've already invested a significant amount of money into Light Play and want to make it available for all to enjoy. Please contribute as much or as little as you can. If you can not contribute anything, please help by spreading the word. We greatly appreciate any help!

Tier 1
$25 Dollar Donation
  • Beta Tester
  • Immortalize Yourself in Game
  • Create Your Own Playable Custom Board

Tier 3
$500 Dollar Donation
  • Beta Tester
  • Name in Credits (Become Immortal!)
  • Create Your Own Playable Custom Board

Custom boards subject to developer approval.

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